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About me


I am a self-taught artist who has evolved into a Multimedia Fine Artist, originally from the Lower East Side of New York City & raised up near the magnificent skyline of the Brooklyn Bridge on one side and the World Trade Center on the other, inspired me to strive and imagine..  

Influenced by my passion to create Art from my visions as an American Latino.

 My focus and dedication as an artist in the fields of Arts and Graphic Design includes such accomplishments as Graphic Artist/Illustrator for the Liberty Island Game in 1984, a game board that was sold throughout the country. 

I've also donated a number of pieces of United States Postal Collage Stamp Figurines to the Firemen Museum of New York, Secaucus Library located in New Jersey and the Port Authority of New York. These Figurines depict the Firemen's Heroes Stamp reflecting the tragic event of September 11th 2001,

              As an Fine Artist I have also exhibited my paintings throughout the country.



                                                           Tommy Montanez                  


"Influenced by my spirit to create Art & inspired by my visions."


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Tommy Montanez



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